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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 7:00am-7:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin trying to warns of a tough struggle as its economy slows at the opening of the country's legislative assembly in beijing prime minister says china is facing many challenges including a profound change in its external environment and find out what that means from our correspondent also coming up algerian students step up their protests they say they won't back down until the president agrees not to run for a fifth term. the german government has to strip citizenship from some germans who
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fight for terrorist groups but this one to apply to those who fall against so-called islamic state in syria. plus. a return. president threat of arrest and addresses a huge rally in caracas telling his supporters we're stronger. fellow i'm terry larson thanks for joining us china's economy is taking center stage as the annual meeting of the country's national people's congress gets underway around three thousand delegates from across the country have been gathering in beijing for the two week advent of major bills though most have been decided already by. communist party leaders and events at the opening session
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china's premier league chunk cut the growth target to its lowest in nearly three decades he also announced a rise in military spending. well with us in the studio is china. clifford coonan who spent a long time in china as a correspondent clifford the national people's congress you've seen this many times before they're often described as a rubber stamp parliament if that's the case what can we learn from watching their deliberations well in fifteen of these. parliaments they are indeed. decisions are made there which are already agreed weeks in advance however they give us a very valuable insight into how decisions are going to be made. into how the commies party's thinking and what direction it sees the world's second largest economy heading so that's a very useful indicator if not
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a great example of democracy in action all this talk about the economy is really center stage at this meeting chinese president xi jinping warned in january about a complicated and grim international conditions for the country's economy now the g.d.p. figure has been ratched down a little bit the growth target has been lowered what are the implications of this for china and the world are calling because i think the language is quite is quite serious because young as well talking about the struggle i think the implications are quite are quite severe it is it is a lowering of the same time it's quite a strong growth rate but i think it ties in with this message that they're trying to project out there at the congress that china is a strong country but that it's facing major headwinds and that it needs to do its best to combat that so i think the lowering growth rates will be countered with hopefully with measures that they will to keep the economy point what about.
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there's like germany that depend on global trade how could it affect the other countries like germany well obviously for germany it's a great concern particular with so many industries such as the auto industry which is becoming increasingly reliant on china they'll be looking for signals that there won't be further barriers introduced to trade that there would be some signs of a trade deal for example with the us which is a big factor as a backdrop to these to the congress so i think for german companies they'll want to see a strong message coming out of the congress we're getting signals that in those trade talks between the us and china others a bit of a trade war going on there right now with president trump we're getting positive signals of that do you see a deal in the making i think i think there possibly is i think we have to be a little bit careful about predicting the deal after given that we thought there would be a deal with north korea last week but we never know what direction things are going to go with the with the current us administration but the signals do seem to be that the both sides are keen to find some area of mutual understanding on the trade
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issue and finally what about defense china is increasing its defense budget by seven point five percent that is not as much as it increased last year but still significant ahead of the growth rate of what sort of signals that said well i think it's ties in with the signal of china being a strong country and. strong going forward on facing up to these international pressures there's also international pressure on territory in the south china sea and things about so it shows that they're they're holding steady on defense spending it's also seven point five percent of a very of increasingly large defense budgets so i think it ties in with this message of strength seven five point five percent a large economy. so do you think that you see china acting perhaps more as a in concert with other countries and trying to address what the world's crises or is it perhaps more of. a factor that's leading to instability yeah i mean i think i
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think that's a very interesting point i mean i think china is looking inwards now it's this this is very much address the mess to go audience reassuring people that domestic stability. at the same time it will try and balance this with the need to give an image of international stability to the message first and foremost will be that china is strong to the domestic audience and then see how that fits in with the international situation clifford thank you so much our china analyst clifford couldn't. head of this year's people's congress and up there promotes pings speeches and ideas has become hugely popular in the country promoted as a way of studying to make china strong it's been called the communist party's little red app but are millions downloading it because they want to or because they have to. in this beijing office getting ahead is all about easing
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the little red app called she ching what it means study to make china stronger winning quizzes reposing propaganda all earn brownie points with the bosses. but it's not all fun and games time spent scanning communist party trivia is a job requirement. so you won't miss out. so we think the launch of new digital tools like this app will greatly improve the development of our company and in particular the political and ideological consciousness of our young employees. more than half a century ago communist china stander mounted on build his cult of personality with a little bread book. a propaganda push that's gone high tech under president seizing ping there been more than forty million downloads since the apps january
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launch china's plugged in generation now has daily thoughts and videos right in their pockets. would you believe it here i think this after is fantastic i really paid attention to these issues before the app ever since i started using it i can see the change a country is making i can see a lot of things that touch my hearts a lot of positive energy out there which encourages me to do what i can to help others. but critics say the colossi digital die just has a sinister aim. hong kong based a democracy activist joshua long calls it a form of mind control. this i've just implied the rise off digital offer of darwinism in china and it shows how the communist regime will fruits digital. application to. it. propaganda and ideology. some chinese professionals say off
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camera they feel pressured to download the app which tracks time spent browsing and now wherever they go the communist party can go with them. now is take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today north korean leader kim jong un has arrived back in pyongyang from last week's failed summit with u.s. president donald trump kim's train ride from vietnam took sixty hours his meeting with trump ended abruptly after the two leaders were unable to agree on denuclearizing the korean peninsula canada's cabinet crisis has deep in with a second minister resigning jane little pot is leaving her role as manager of government spending she said she could no longer defend the government's handling of a corruption scandal involving a big construction company as we've and a us born woman who joined the so-called islamic state has lost the first round of a legal battle to return to america with her child
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a judge ruled there's no proof she's in danger in syria the u.s. says she's not a citizen because her yemeni fall there was a diplomat when she was born. well the u.s. is not the only country grappling with what should happen to its nationals or join die as this at a time when u.s. backed syrian forces are battling to drive out the militant group from the last remaining patch of land it controls in syria hundreds of bias fighters reportedly surrendered to coalition forces in the country's east on monday they're among three thousand mainly civilians who have been evacuated from the area and brought to kill . any of the jihadi is now being held in syria who come from germany will be exempt from a new law being introduced by the german government that will strip fighters of their citizenship or next report explains why. i s. fighters on the march in two thousand and fourteen the terrorist group took over
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the syrian city. since then the islamists have massively lost influence and some are in syrian or iraqi prisons amongst those in prison are some german scientists what happened to them has been a point of contention in german politics but now there seems to be agreement anyone who is fighting for jihad will loosen the german citizenship they fall under the new criteria. the men or women must have citizenship in two countries and be over the age of eighteen for legal and constitutional reasons this regulation can only be applied to future cases. the germinal thore think that about seventy german islamists are currently in foreign presence and this man is one of them about a dozen of them have a second nationality besides the german one but the opposition argues that these cases would not be solved by the new law because it's not retracted so the greens
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offer and nothing notion. this is the first directive is that those who have german citizenship who have committed war crimes will have to face a german court that falls. under the jurisdiction of international criminal law which is anchored in german law. how quickly the new law will be implemented it's not yet clear and it's also unclear how many jihadists will actually be affected by it. u.s. president looks set to open to new fronts in his trade disputes washington plans to scrap preferential treatment for both india and turkey india benefited from nearly six billion dollars worth of duty free imports to the u.s. trump says he's not satisfy that delhi is offering reasonable reciprocal access u.s. president also claims turkey's growth means it should not be classed as a developing country. government demonstrations have
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intensified in algeria after president. announced that he would run for a fifth term in elections next month people have been taking to the streets for days across the country with students in the capital algiers boycotting classes protesters have dismissed the president's promise to step down within a year of reelected one opposition presidential candidate has quit the race in protest. always been in the studio to talk about this is now all but locked our she's a political scientist the free university here in berlin good morning martin bell present beautifully has offered concessions but the protests are continuing what exactly do the protesters want first of all. very clearly the protests. want to demand that the defeat resigns in a sense they wear. opposing this mandate for several reasons because
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first it's been in power since twenty years since ninety ninety nine and since you suffered from a stroke in the. was not able to address the people anymore so already the fourth mandate and fourteen was very contested in nigeria people worse in the sense push patient they were waiting for the regime to find a solution and nobody was really seriously expecting that the regime would go so far to prison. a president whose health is so much deteriorated to saw him back in november two thousand and two for the last time. and it was very. late in pictures so. are demanding. that the regime. yeah lets the difficult go and also they're going far far i mean the
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protesters not only concentrating their anger on the president with a few but also in general ok so they're very frustrated and president but a flake is in very very poor health yet he has thrown his hat into the ring nonetheless and that has really angered the people who are already out on the streets protesting before he even announced his candidacy again what are his prospects of being reelected. i mean in terms of the population of course there are appeals to boycott the elections usually elections boycotted in nigeria but it seems that the regime wants to let the women and this is what they're ok if beautifully good mood if we get ends up back in office and he indeed dropped off or you know fulfills his offer to step down early and hold a plebiscite on a new constitution would that satisfy people not at all i mean currently people are
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. feeling that this proposition is a kind of insult because they've been on the streets in several weeks. in huge demonstrations. and actually this proposition is really felt as a kind of mean measure for the regime to gain time and. in a sense now we have discussions among the population to say that of course we want to transition towards a democratic regimes and people are discussing on the streets you know they are imagine a. new forms of political engagements and so there is a kind of. interesting dynamic going on but people don't want that this is the regime that's you know a political scientists have problems for university thank you so much for being with us this morning thank you. you're watching t.w. news still to come we meet the ugandan child who hopes to break tensing will give him his big break in life.
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better swale as opposition leader one who has arrived back in the country the following president nicolas maduro is threat to have him arrested for breaking a travel ban first item of business on his return was addressing supporters in the capital caracas thousands also took to the streets across the country in response to his call for nationwide rallies to increase the pressure on president majority to step down. i he's back in the crowds of caracas airport treat him like a rock star i want to go right over turn to venezuela despite a travel ban imposed by the government he might be arrested at any moment but after touching down he was defiant i we're here to serve in a swale and i we're here to serve our people and to fight for our cause i love you venezuela i love you i know it is
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a bit. earlier garrido had called on venezuelans to take to the streets and they responded in massive numbers like here in caracas where thousands came out for a change in leadership and against president nicolas maduro you know what i'm up at me and i want that i mean we want things to change and get better. we don't want them to a rest. this dictatorship is teetering and they don't have what it takes to keep going if they try to stick him in prison that seem at them but i saw a. disabuse of government can only news wresting why do it would be a huge mistake because i don't but i don't but i in caracas cried oh called for more protests to increase the pressure on mr of to step down. yes. on saturday will continue in the streets all of this weather will return to the streets were decided and determined to mobilize in search of their freedom we will not rest one second until freedom is achieved you know that without that you have
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to do it. on sunday he warned monroe if the government takes him into custody it would be a grave mistake perhaps the last resort. so what's next in the power struggle between. nicolas maduro our correspondent how the are good this ascent has this assessment of the situation in been a sweat. one white all saw a rock star welcome to his country but the next few days will prove if he can truly deliver on his promise of forcing a change of government in venezuela many opposition leaders in the past have come and gone without achieving that goal so it's easy to understand why venezuelans are losing hope my door has announced a massive protest in the coming days and especially during the week it he will have to show strength not only to prove that he has the popular support but also that he is in control of venezuela's armed forces something he couldn't prove when he fails
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to deliver humanitarian aid into the country where though has a difficult task ahead especially since nicolas my little has threatened to arrest him any minute something that would set the stage for a true international confrontation especially with the united states and with neighboring colombia. to get a good is there now breakdancing has come a long way since it was invented by african american kids in the nineteen seventies eighties uganda is one of the countries where it has taken root let me introduce you to kut-o. the tongue only twelve years old and already a master of his chosen art. i you gun does brick dance boy. i this is what. he loves to do. i want to mccain i'm standing nobody
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can remember so no one else was in the building actually yes i'm still playing i. bring my suit. making this. all ok i'm ok i. think if the twelve year old is not dancing he picks up the brush. sprinting teacher is he's number one fun. to profession a dance instructor. this kid ever seen those sheep on t.v. i didn't know them. you know what they do so i came in and i got a boy. i like. is now average about to disclose how much. his instructor has already sported the youngster.
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he's attention span is amazing for a four young kid of his age but i think that tension span comes from the passion they have for the arc. i feel i feel that no one is forcing him to do what he what he does he comes here ones up stretches goes into classes and he learns. most children here come from slums are wrong uganda's capital kampala. dancing helps them keep focused on being a big dreams i wish to meet and we're going to show hip ok now i'm down south and i want to make my own. yeah i teach children old people and they make some something. like. their children have funds.
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and be seen. on day become like. at home. is supportive. she hopes don't sing come up you have to families will fare. while i really wish the best for my son i want him to be a star there are musicians who've made it and so i think i want him to make it great in life. to knows that a car yet you don't see you doubted you cation could be impossible. but even at school he took some time to come to team p.r.'s. german soccer now in the champions league round of sixteen where german club face an uphill struggle against the england team of course we're not just talking about
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germans are talking a bruising three nil defeat in the first leg of the tie and their recently faltered in the bundesliga two still the club plays home tonight and a miraculous comeback would get their season back on track. dortmund are about to face their toughest test in what has been an increasingly dramatic and difficult season if they had to come through their champions league tie with tottenham they'll need big performances from every one of their stop play is foremost among them captain marco royce who's returning from injury. it's really important that we believe in ourselves we have to put in a top performance we have to be at our best if they get a goal then of course it's going to be very difficult but the whole team and everyone around us believes we can do it and we have to keep the faith. tottenham
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have their own returning star instructor harry cane spurs managed to defeat dortmund three million the first leg without the england international but they'll be even more deadly with him back in the squad tottenham know that they hold all the cards boss they won't be resting on their roles. in the first leg wouldn't to forget that. the start of the game in nobody would live in. we must to be able to see that we must to to fight from the beginning. dortmund then will have to be at their best if their defense can manage to shutouts and their attack fires on all cylinders and they could still be in with a chance. just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news china's leaders have warned of a tough struggle as the country's economy slows at the opening of the covers
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rubberstamp parliament in beijing prime minister leaders shell said china was facing many challenges including the trade war with the us and what he called the growing pains of economic transformation. and students of algeria have stuff. their protests of the president's decision to run for a fifth term they say they will keep demonstrating until the decision is reversed the protesters also accused the country's leadership of widespread corruption and failing to share the country's gas what. business is next monica is here to tell us what she could see me already we're talking about because the geneva motor show kicks in geneva switzerland lots of eye candy but also a lot of challenges. tariffs and we actually have the chance to have an exclusive one on one with the c.e.o. . and to his recipe is flexibility flexibility to deal with everything that's
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coming up next so of course breaks it looks ability and flexibility will afford the book stay tuned for that and i'll be back the top of the next hour with more news everything of course all of it d.w. dot com thanks for being with us.
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kickoff. show in freefall dismal showing against me promoted to single off the club closer to the drop some. good god great story the mystery overselling morris hanover stuart godwin summing room and free points
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correspondent and avid baker crap. and most go about recipes for success and strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . as a prize decision in tokyo lawyers for foreman this envoy scholars go on to say he has been granted bail after more than three months in detention and. also on the show beijing announces tax cuts at the national people's congress in a bitch to bolster the country's cooling economy.


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